Stretch and Heal

Stretch & Heal is a therapeutic response to physical and acute mental health issues induced by trauma, with a special emphasis on trauma caused by racism, disinvestment in communities, and those disproportionately affected by violence. This project will address trauma by offering culturally based modified yoga or strength stretching classes, coupled with healing peace circles.
No one is immune to the impact of trauma. Trauma affects the individual, families, and communities by disrupting healthy development, adversely affecting relationships, and contributing to mental health issues including substance abuse, domestic violence, and child abuse. Everyone pays the price when a community produces multi-generations of people with untreated trauma. Stretch and Heal is a proven contemporary solution that can help individuals, families, and communities heal.
If you are interested in participating in a Stretch and Heal session or having a session conducted for your library, school, community center, church, or even corporate setting, please send us an email to and put “Stretch and Heal” in the subject line.