Save the Date Twitter 2019

GivingTuesday was founded as a simple idea: to bring people together for a day of giving back. It has since spread like a wave across the world, with over 160 countries in 2018. Now in its 8th year, nearly every country on earth is participating in GivingTuesday. This year, GivingTuesday is DECEMBER 3rd, 2019 and Henry Williams Love Foundation needs your help to raise $2,000 to launch their Women in Culinary Arts program, the fourth and final area of focus for the organization. For those unfamiliar with our organization’s namesake, Henry Williams, let us introduce him to you. Henry Williams was a man of great character and integrity who transitioned to his final resting place on May 16, 2017. He loved his wife. He loved his children. He loved his family. He loved his friends. He loved his community. And they all loved him right back.

In memory of how he loved, the Henry Williams Love Foundation (HWLF) was established to provide short-term supportive advocacy, programs, and services to youth and families in need. We organize our work under four focus areas: unexpected loss/emergency services, women in culinary arts, technology uptake, and arts appreciation. Henry lost both of his parents at a very young age and has always demonstrated the greatest capacity for love for those who experience such unplanned loss or unexpected needs. HWLF, in keeping with the values of his life, hopes to be a blessing to many for years to come.


Henry’s Mother, Hasseltine Williams, was a wonderful cook. She had a small restaurant in Maywood, IL that was growing in popularity and had become a staple for many families seeking fresh and delicious community-based food options. Unfortunately, her cancer diagnosis and quick death led to the closure of the restaurant and it never realized its full potential. This organizational focus hopes to help women like Hasseltine who showed love through food.

Our program model is a culinary mentoring program designed to provide social-emotional learning support to women who are interested in culinary training as a student or teacher, have a desire to establish a catering business or open up a restaurant, or have ideas about creating products and services in the food industry, but lack information, network connections, and confidence to get started. HWLF endeavors to recruit 5 women in this inaugural class and provide the necessary tools and support to align their minds, hearts, and passions to pursue their culinary dreams. A uniquely inspiring culturally-competent curriculum has been created that blends mindfulness work, business planning, career exploration, field trips, and mentors. The sessions will take place for four hours on four Saturdays (16 hours total) and women who complete the program will have a roadmap with resources on how to proceed forward with their plan and emerge with knowledge and confidence.

We hope you consider supporting our program campaign and please share. For every $500 that we raise over our goal, we can accept another women in the inaugural program starting in March 2020. Donations can be made by clicking here or the “Donations” tab from the website menu.