Areas of Focus

John and Hasseltine Williams

John Williams Focus-Emergency services provided to children and families who have experienced an unexpected loss. Additionally, advocacy to improve community quality of life will occur under this focus.

Henry Williams lost his father in a terrible automobile accident at age 9 and just two short years later lost his mother to cancer. Thankfully, he had family and neighbors who took he and his siblings in and helped to ease the burden of experiencing such loss. As such, funds or services delivered under this organizational focus are specifically to support families like his. General advocacy for the health of communities and its residents to thrive also occur under this focus.

Hasseltine Williams Focus-Supportive services provided to Black entrepreneurs

Henry’s Mother, Hasseltine, was a wonderful cook. She had a small restaurant in Maywood, IL that was growing in popularity and had become a staple for many families seeking fresh and delicious community-based food options. Unfortunately, her cancer diagnosis and quick death led to the closure of the restaurant and it never realized its full potential. This organizational focus hopes to help incubate small black businesses and increase pathways to generational wealth.



Tech Up Focus-Supportive services to help others build digital skills, increase technology access, or develop tech products or services that help people.

Henry Williams had a sophisticated technical mind. He was a tool and die inspector by trade, but could fix, build, and grow anything. Henry knew how important technology would be to his children’s future and ensured they had access to all the latest tech related educational products. The organizational focus will provided industry leadership and supportive services to those who need to improve their technical capacity and increase access to technology.


Father's day-73

Love of Arts Focus-Supportive services to increase access to community-based arts. 

Henry Williams loved jazz music, dancing, telling stories and jokes, and all thing artistic. He attended concerts, plays, and read poetry. Henry believed in supporting local art and using it’s transformative power to heal communities, while building bonds and friendships. This organizational focus will provide supportive services to increase access to community-based arts.