We All Have A STORY

In March of 2021, Henry Williams Love Foundation launched the Survivance Project supported by The Field Foundation of Illinois. The aim of the Survivance project was to capture stories 1 year after the pandemic from those who identify as African/African American, LatinX, Arab, Asian, or Native American. You can check those stories out at https://survivance.io. The oral tradition of storytelling is rooted deeply in many cultures and especially represented in the African Diaspora. The namesake for HWLF was an amazing storyteller himself.

In 2022, Survivance participated in Chicago’s Fillet of Solo Storytelling Conference and presented a series of stories; “Dear 21 Year Old Me: Reflections of Black Women in their 40’s to their 21-year-old selves.” The series was well received and has paved the way for other storytelling series to come as well as some upcoming conference presentations on storytelling. Stay Tuned!

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