The Growcery Bus Project

Introducing the Growcery Bus Project!


The Growcery Store Bus Project is designed to increase exposure to and access the benefits of farm-to-table foods while providing education to communities that are typically excluded from consideration. This project is a partnership between the Henry Williams Love Foundation (HWLF) and Green Table Talks. The namesake of HWLF, Henry Williams, was an advocate for fresh organic produce and grew fruit, vegetables, and herbs on his land in St. Anne, IL, and shared his crops with his neighbors. Green Table Talk and its subsidiary project The Roots and Vine Produce Cafe strives to “Connect Farmers To People & Reconnect People With Real Food.” Merging experience and efforts between these two organizations will result in communities having greater access to and education about fresh produce, herbs, spices, and oils to enrich diets and strengthen immune systems, all provided on a fun mobile bus.HTB10SwkXInrK1RjSspkq6yuvXXa6

The products on the bus will be sourced from Black, Women, and Disadvantage Farmers, as well as small Black owned and operated businesses. This will be a different shopping experience that merges quality products and affordable prices with intuitive education. Food Security is a global problem that HWLF and Green Table Talks hopes will fill a needed gap in access to and education of fresh, healthy food products for many communities.


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