Long Way From Okay

4bd3cb2ff164af25b9a9ed200b671e79-2Henry Williams Love Foundation (HWLF) continues to help behind the scenes. We are a small but strategical force that leverages our talent and resources to help those in need. We move privately to respect the dignity of those we support in our emergency services, unplanned loss, and advocacy programs (Stretch and Heal, Connected Through Hoops, Arts and Activism Scholarship Partnership with Safe and Sound). HWLF continues to champion arts-based programs that use poetry and music to tell stories and highlight the unheard (Homeroom Poetry, Modge Podge Poetry, Eye Recite). We are teaching girls in The Shuri Project about all of the opportunities along the continuum of technology and not just coding because why do Black girls have to be boxed into categories? That’s true for Black people generally speaking.

There are so many people really hurting in Metro Chicago. They were hurting before the pandemic. The racially-based injustices that plague this country are burdensome, with lasting effects on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. HWLF, through its staff, Board, and volunteers are doing what we can to help. But none of what we do will matter if the world does not value Black people as humans.

If the systems that support institutions (education, jobs, banking, justice, media, philanthropy, etc.) deem is okay to discriminate against Black people, then we will never be okay. Even when the protests are quiet. Even when the riots and looting stops. Even when those that lost start to rebuild. Even when we stop saying the names of those who have died unjustly and inhumanely. If this world returns to its regularly scheduled program of racism, discriminatory practices, profiling, oppression, and injustice…WE WILL NOT BE OKAY.

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