You’re Invited!

On Monday, 7/9/18, we launched The Shuri Project in the Roseland area. The room was filled with excitement by the Board Members, Dr. Robert House (Pastor of New Life Baptist Church), consultants and instructors, the participants, and their parents/guardians. The first day of summer camp resembles the first day of school, in that it’s a push to get everyone to show up. But we are happy to report that we had 70% attendance and should have full attendance by Friday this week.

We cannot thank our consultant Monica Swope, and two instructors Janelle Cole and April Thomas enough. They have done a tremendous job in preparing to ensure this first day went smoothly and parents/guardian left feeling their children were in a safe learning space. The girls are getting acquainted with their laptops, identifying their goals, being assessed for skills, learning how to type with all their fingers, and having alot of fun.

One of the performance goals of The Shuri Project is that participants must publicly present their website and take questions from the audience during the website demo day. This year, website demo day is Thursday, 8/9/18, from 2pm to 5pm and is open to the public. We want the participants to feel supported by the community, so it is our goal to fill the room with good energy. If you are interested in attending website demo day, please register on Eventbrite.

Additionally, we will conduct a graduation ceremony for participants who successfully complete the program on Friday, 8/17/18, from 2pm to 5pm. At that ceremony, certificates of completion as well as the formal awarding of the earn laptops will occur and that is also open to the public. If you are interested in attending graduation, please register on Eventbrite.


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